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Sherrie Lueder and co-author Dawn Taarud  release Sherrie’s 4th true crime book

My Guarded Secrets – A True Story

This is an amazing story and a must read! Greg Link grows up on a farm in Charles City, Iowa.The son of alcoholic parents, neglected and left to fend for himself, Greg is drinking and driving at the age of thirteen. Never getting an allowance, he finds an easy way to access cash…once he masters his father’s signature.





Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo

This is a true story about the strange and bizarre saga of Bohdan Mazur and his 20 years as an outlaw ski bum.


Until Someone Gets Hurt

Sherrie along with Tyson Wrensch, “Victim” recently appeared on ID, “Investigation Discovery”  Forbidden, “Prince of Darkness” episode.


He Killed Our Janny – A Family’s Search for the Truth

The book is the first to explore the mysterious death of Janyce Hansen, a former top model in Denver, Colorado. Although her death took place twenty-six years ago and was ruled undetermined, her son and daughter set out to prove that Janyce was killed by her husband, a successful real estate developer rumored to have strong ties to city officials and underworld crime.



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