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murdered_in_the_cemetery_lueder_taarud_stone_kathy_thomasMurdered In The Cemetery

On Friday the thirteenth nineteen-year-old college student, Kathy Thomas, left the house anticipating a fun-filled evening of shopping, drinks, and playing pool with friends.

She waved goodbye to her stepfather, Sheriff McKenzie, as she drove her little orange Vega down the deserted street…completely unaware of the evil that Friday the 13th had in store for her…

The discovery of her dead body four days later in Hillside Cemetery left the residents of Whitewater shocked and afraid. Windows were closed and doors remained locked.

Prepare to anticipate every move that investigators make as they follow lead after lead until they develop a suspect.

When the perpetrator is finally brought to justice you’ll realize that certain parts of his story… just don’t add up…and you’ll be left to figure out if the murderer is revealing the whole truth…





He Killed Our Janny – A True Story

A gripping story of child abuse, domestic violence, and corruption in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Not at all unaware, a son and daughter chronicle the events leading up to the mysterious death of their mother. This book is the first to explore the mysterious death of Janyce “Janny” Hansen, a former top model from Denver, Colorado. She, along with her husband and children, live in an upscale home in the suburbs. The community sees an affluent, glamorous family. The reality is far different–an abused wife who can’t let go; a husband who beats and sexually assaults his adopted children–while running gambling and prostitution businesses from their home.







Until Someone Gets Hurt – A True Story

Featured in an episode of “Forbidden” on the ID Discovery channel.
Kaushal Niroula arrives in San Francisco portraying himself as a Prince. Although penniless, he loses no time in gaining access into inner circles. He concocts stories of his royal family in Nepal and how his fortune—is temporarily inaccessible. He craves the American dream and will stop at nothing to get it. He rallies together an unlikely crew and they carry out one scam after the other. Their insatiable greed leads to the unthinkable… cold… calculated…bloody…murder. The “Dark Prince” still wanting more continues the charade…unaware the authorities are closing in.









Cocaine & Champagne – A True Story

Sonya grows up in an upper middle-class home with an alcoholic father. She acquires a taste for alcohol and drinks her first bottle of champagne when she is just twelve.

Despite her dysfunctional family life, Sonya has the necessary tools to lead a productive life and leaves home for college. Living alone and left to her own devices, the choices she makes are not all good.

Sonya is promiscuous, dating both men and women, while seemingly oblivious to any relationship she is currently in. She spends money lavishly, ventures to other countries on her own, and overindulges in alcohol and drugs. even going as far as to sell them. She brushes off everyone’s warnings—telling herself she’s still young and just having fun.

Ultimately, Sonya realizes her choices have turned to need and threaten to ruin a relationship she values the most. Thus begins her long road to recovery. The road is unforgiving. She suffers many losses and stumbles often only to get back up and start again. The last obstacle she faces may prove to be the most difficult.

Sonya’s father has always been brutally outspoken concerning her sexual preferences. In death, the final message he sends threatens to put Sonya over the edge…



My Guarded Secrets – A True Story

Greg grows up on a farm in Charles City, Iowa. The son of alcoholic parents, neglected and left to fend for himself, Greg is drinking and driving at the age of thirteen. Never getting an allowance, he finds an easy way to access cash…once he masters his father’s signature.
Kindhearted Greg, feeling an inner desire to help people, dreams of becoming a police officer. At the age of eighteen, he is ready to pursue that dream, but his father does the unthinkable…putting Greg’s life on hold and causing his dreams to shatter.
Alienated from his family and feeling deep resentment, Greg spends the next few years in an alcoholic haze. Traveling from state to state and job to job, he struggles with a past he cannot forget. Along the way, he meets his guardian angel and begins to gain control of his destiny.
Although Greg will never realize his true dream, he finds his niche working as a security agent. He shares stories of protecting everyone from the rich and famous celebrities to a well-known self-proclaimed prophet and faith healer.

ASBB and Bo

Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo – A True Story

Bohdan Mazur was raised in the quaint hamlet of Staatsburg, New York. He recounts childhood memories of growing up in a wonderland with his father, mother and three sisters. Abundant with wildlife and surrounded by acres of woods with the Hudson River just a stone’s throw away, Bo considered it “Paradise.”
Bo’s father worked for IBM and was frugal to a fault. He encouraged his son to follow an easier path, urging him…“Never work for a big corporation son—be a criminal and join the mob!” Bo took it to heart. What started innocently enough, selling lemonade and golf balls at Dinsmore golf course quickly evolved into selling pot, hash, and even trying his hand at counterfeiting.
Bo’s life dream was to live in Colorado and be a ski bum. After high school, following his dream, he moved to Aspen and picked up where he left off.
Join Bo as he relives his adventures from Aspen to Mexico. Feel his emotion as he goes through several relationships and near death experiences and eventually gets busted. However, the story doesn’t end there…his adventure continues on.



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