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Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo

ASBB and Bo


This is the true story of Bohdan Mazur

Excerpt Chapter 34

In January 2007, I returned to Bucerías to spend the winter months. My father moved into an assisted living home in South Carolina. It was a temporary arrangement, just until May when I could return to Staatsburg.

I returned in May and planned to spend the summer. In the fall, I would go back to my winter playground in Bucerías and take my father with me. I wanted him to spend the rest of his days in a warmer climate.

It did not work out that way. My father needed dialysis and Medicaid would not pay for his dialysis in a foreign country.

I had to accept the fact that my father’s health was getting worse. I used the resources I had to provide his care so as not to drain his estate but it was beginning to wear on me. I spoke with Gabriela and she was willing to come and help. It was a Godsend when she arrived with Victor. Although Victor wasn’t quite twelve, he and his mother were both a tremendous help.

I returned to Bucerías in November leaving my father in the capable hands of Gabriela.

I was in Bucerías when my father died…January 29, 2009. He died in the same bed that he had slept in since 1964. Gabby and Victor were there. I really wish I had been there. I would have bought a freezer and stored the body. Then I would have notified the system that my father moved to Bucerías, Mexico so he could live in a warmer climate. With that done I would have received his sixteen hundred dollar a month retirement check from IBM. I would also get the twelve hundred dollar social security check each month. For a grand total of twenty-six hundred dollars a month. I would still be collecting the money today—what a bunch of idiot fuck ups I had to deal with

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