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Dawn Taarud

Dawn Taarud Co-Author

Dawn Taarud joined her big sister Sherrie Lueder in April of 2012 as an Investigative Researcher. Sherrie recruited Dawn to help her and her team on the book project, UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT, the multi-layered crime spree, and murder of Clifford Lambert. Dawn conducted several interviews that included hours of phone conversations with the now convicted murderer, Danny Garcia from the Palm Springs jail. Dawn and Sherrie traveled to Palm Springs CA to sit in the courtroom during the last few days of the trial. Dawn was also present for the sentencing of Danny Garcia and Kaushal Niroula.

Dawn continued working closely with Sherrie on her last three books and co-authored My Guarded Secrets, Cocaine & Champagne and Murdered In The Cemetery.

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More about Dawn Taarud

Dawn was born in Tracy MN. to Richard and Betty Taarud. She is the youngest of her siblings. Dawn has always had a close relationship with her sister Sherrie, so it was only natural to join Sherrie. Dawn recently moved to Auburn WA with her husband of thirty years and their two dogs Max and Cujo. Their two children and daughter-in-law decided to make the move to Washington along with them. She enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the beautiful surrounding area.

In addition, Dawn owns and operates Event Planners International. For the past eight years, Dawn and her team at DM Marketing have been calling on top companies across the USA to promote upcoming seminars for several of the country’s top motivational/sales trainers and speakers. She worked on projects with Omar Periu, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, as well as several other well know speakers.

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