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Excerpts “Until Someone Gets Hurt”




          MARCH 5, 2007. The last few hours were surreal as Tyson cut his vacation short by a week and made last minute plans to fly home unannounced. After his discovery he fought the desire to stay, but knew he had to return home and find out what the hell was going on.

The previous day, he stopped by an Internet café to catch up on his banking. The ship he’d been on for three weeks in Argentina and Brazil didn’t have Internet access. Since his departure from Las Vegas, he was unable to get access to his accounts until now. Tyson checked his Wells Fargo account, then his Citibank account and discovered large amounts of cash had been withdrawn. More searches revealed his Shell and AMEX credit cards had also been used. In disbelief, Tyson logged off and went to meet the friends he’d traveled with for almost a month. They persuaded him to go home.

Once back in his room, Tyson made the necessary arrangements for the flight home. He placed calls to his banks and credit card companies, freezing accounts and canceling his cards. He made a call to the Las Vegas Metro Police, who were unable to do anything.

Then he called Danny Garcia to see if he knew anything. Danny had been Tyson’s best friend for five years, and the only friend who had a key to his house. Jamie, a frequent houseguest, also had a key, but was out-of-town. Danny said he didn’t know anything about his accounts. He did admit his friend, Kaushal, picked him up at Tyson’s house, but was only there for ten minutes. Although Tyson spent a couple of years in college working for a Private Investigator, he had no way of knowing whether Danny was at his house, or not. He did know the element of surprise would be more effective than another phone call.




* * *

CRAIG AND MIGUEL were hanging out in the hotel room. Craig was anticipating going home, but Miguel had other things on his mind.

“You know something Craig—I can see why you want to go home—but think about it man. You need the money. I need the money.” Miguel thought to himself, he doesn’t need to know I’m getting thirty thousand dollars and two cars. “Come on Craig. It’ll be real quick. Kaushal said he was going to be in the house tonight, and he would make sure the alarm is turned off. He’ll let us in the side door.”

Craig said, “I just want to go home man. That’s all there is to it. I don’t really give a damn. I just wanna go home.”

They quit talking when they overheard Kaushal on the phone in the next room. Then, he opened the door and said, “Okay. We’re going to try it one more time tonight. If you decide you don’t want to do it—then we’ll just go home. We’ll pack up and go.”

“Let’s just go now,” Craig said.

“No,” Kaushal said. “I’m going to call Cliff and tell him we’re going to have dinner together, and then we’ll go back to his house. You don’t have anything to worry about because I’ll be there in the house. I’ll be basically setting everything up for you guys. All you have to do is come in and kill him and get out.”



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