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Murdered In The Cemetery

   murdered_in_the_cemetery_lueder_taarud_stone_kathy_thomasMurdered In The Cemetery

A True Story Of Murder In A College Town Reputed To Be Haunted




On Friday the thirteenth nineteen-year-old college student, Kathy Thomas, left the house anticipating a fun-filled evening of shopping, drinks, and playing pool with friends.

She waved goodbye to her stepfather, Sheriff McKenzie, as she drove her little orange Vega down the deserted street…completely unaware of the evil that Friday the 13th had in store for her…

The discovery of her dead body four days later in Hillside Cemetery left the residents of Whitewater shocked and afraid. Windows were closed and doors remained locked.

Prepare to anticipate every move that investigators make as they follow lead after lead until they develop a suspect.

When the perpetrator is finally brought to justice you’ll realize that certain parts of his story… just don’t add up…and you’ll be left to figure out if the murderer is revealing the whole truth…




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