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Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo – The Dirty Secret Behind RHONY Star Ramona Singer

 The Dirty Secret Behind ‘Real Housewife Of New York’ Star Ramona Singer: Her Brother Reveals His Drug Dealing Past, Claims ‘Everyone In My Family Knew What I Was Doing’


As Pinot Grigio loving The Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer portrays her lavish lifestyle on Bravo, her younger brother is telling quite a different story – one that involves cocaine, jail and addiction!

Speaking exclusively to from his home base in Puerto Vallarta in Meixco, Bohdan Mazur claims the pair’s father encouraged him to be a criminal… and even join the mob!

“I took it to heart. I’m not sure how much of his advice I was supposed to take literally, but I made sure to put some of it to good use,” Mazur exclusively told Radar.

At 17, Mazur began selling pot and hash – and his family supported his lucrative business.

“When I told my father how much I could make, he was impressed. He was my greatest advocate,” he said.

After he graduated high school and moved to Aspen, Mazur expanded his “business” – to selling cocaine.

“It was easy money, and after a while, I almost forgot it was illegal,” the brother of the reality star revealed.

When asked if Singer was aware of his drug dealing, Mazur insisted: “Yes. She did. Everyone in my family knew what I was doing.”

Mazur claimed he was making upwards of $10,000 a week selling drugs and despite his dad’s warnings, decided to “dip” into his stash.

“A small bump [of cocaine] is addicting. That’s why it’s so easy to sell. Once you try it, you need more of it. I regret trying it… it made me paranoid,” he candidly said.

After years of eluding police, his luck had run out: On the night of his ultimate arrest, Mazur said he “did so much coke, I would hear my heart valves squishing.” Paranoid that the police were onto his trafficking, he grabbed his Charter Arms 38 revolver to protect himself.

“I was sure someone was going to kill me,” he recalled.

As he grabbed his Charter Arms 38 revolver, the gun went off. His neighbors told Aspen police a bullet had comes from Mazur’s residence and was lodged in their wall. When cops arrived with a search warrant, they discovered eight bundles of cocaine in Mazur’s jacket.

“My paranoia is what got me busted by the cops – and I lost my entire life, my family, my wife and two kids, because of it. I regret ever using the stuff,” he said.

At the end of November 1998, he pleaded guilty to possession of 27 grams of cocaine and was sentenced to three years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. In February 1999, after spending only two and half months in prison, he was sent to a half-way house — but he’d spend the next five years “in and out of the system,” he claimed.

“It was hell,” Mazur said.

Hoping to rebuild his life in Mexico, he has no plans to return to the U.S.

“Here, the cops don’t bother me, and I can live my life,” he said, adding that he hasn’t been in contact with his oldest sister Singer in over two years.”

As for his addictions, Mazur added: “No more coke for this man – just a little pot every now and then.”

For more details about Mazur’s childhood and growing up with Ramona Singer, Mazur has released a tell-all book, titled “Aspen, Snow, Blow and Bo”. Radar will have more of his jaw-dropping revelations this week.


[EXCLUSIVE] ‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer Divorce: Brother Bo SOLD Cheating Mario Drugs? Tell-All by Sherrie Lueder

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Mar 27, 2014 05:56 PM EDT | Jonathan Lambert (

ASBB and Bo

“I did sell pot to Mario [Singer].” — Bohdan Mazur

In a Classicalite exclusive, the brother of Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer, Bohdan Mazur, spoke with us about his upcoming tell-all, written by Sherrie Lueder. In the juicy Q&A, Bo opened up about selling Ramona’s estranged husband Mario Singer drugs, prior to the announcement that the two will be getting a divorce.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Aspen, Snow, Blow and Bo has been making some serious waves since its recent release. While discussing the bio, Bo revealed to us: how much you can make being a professional drug dealer; that he has never seen ONE episode of Real Housewives (despite the fact that his sister has been on the show for all six of its seasons); how to test the purity of cocaine with just your fingers; and other incredibly honest (and useful) info from his amazing life.

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Classicalite: I LOVE the few excerpts I have read from your new book! Throughout the process of telling your story, was there ever a point where you wondered if you may receive backlash from being so honest and candid?

Bo: I mostly cried when reading what I wrote. As far as backlash, people who will no longer talk to you can’t really give any backlash.

C: In one of the excerpts, you revealed that your entire family knew you were selling blow, including Ramona. Did you two ever get coked up together or use any other drugs?

B: We never did coke together. I did sell pot to Mario.

C. Have you noticed a significant decline in the quality of today’s cocaine vs. when you were selling it?

B. I bought my last kilo of coke in 1999. It was pure. I can test coke with my fingers by rubbing a small sample between my thumb and index finger. It should melt and turn into a smooth oil. If you feel grit, it is the cut. A lot of the coke now is mixed with meth and will keep you up for hours.

C. During your peak, how much were you selling? How much were you using?

B: I did not shoot or smoke the stuff, only snort in my nose…maybe a half-gram per day and night. Max. It was pure stuff.

Before I got busted, I was selling one kilo per month in ‘8 balls’ [three-and-a-half grams, or, one-eighth of an ounce]. My cost was $18,000. And I got back $60,000. I was supplying the downtown Aspen bar scene.

$10,000 per week, plus pot deals. Flying to the east coast, I took it by checked luggage: two suitcases of 25 pounds each, every two to three months. My cost was $600 pounds, and I sold them for $1,400. Two clients each took 25 pounds. So, $800 profit per pound–times 50–was $40,000 profit, minus travel expenses.

C. Do you even watch your sister’s show? If so, who is your favorite housewife other than Ramona?

B. Never. Just clips on YouTube to show some friends. I never watch TV anymore, it gives me a headache.

C. Are those the clients that you would seek out when you sold coke–rich housewives with disposable incomes and generally open schedules?

B: My clients were local Aspen men I knew for years. They would cut the coke and double it into seven grams and sell it by the half-gram, making a killing and saving me the hassle of having to deal with all the users and losers.

C: Anything you want to plug or promote?

B: Uruguay is my new home. My house in Bucerias, Mexico is on the market. Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and four kitchens. There is a 14-feet deep diving pool, with three-meter spring board and 10-meter diving platform. I just might be the only person in the world with a private 10-meter diving platform. I was so high on life and coke. And daddy’s going to build a pool for his three kids.

Be sure to stay tuned for the second part of our interview, where we spoke with the author of Bo’s biography, Sherrie Lueder.

Sherrie discussed one element of Bo’s past that is so SCANDALOUS, it requires its own article.

Until then, do yourself a favor and buy Aspen, Snow, Blow and Bo now. You can purchase it here



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