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Until Someone Gets Hurt


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Mar 11, 2013

Sex scandal involving a once-famed San Francisco stockbroker and impoverished under-age Mexican boys, forgery, theft, art scheme, jewel heist, stolen identity, real estate schemes involving millions, and MURDER. Get a taste of this enthralling true crime story in UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT’s two minute book trailer: “The breathtaking scope, complexity, and theatrics of this scam and these con men rival any Hollywood movie.” –Kamala Harris, the Attorney General for the State of California Crime Library “Notorious Murderers-Timeless Classics” barely touched on this story. Now, viewers get a glimpse of the bizarre true story that has captivated the Coachella Valley and San Francisco Bay Area for the past several years. Join International Best Selling Author, Sherrie Lueder and her Literary Team—Dawn Taarud-Martinez and Kim Hansen; along with Tyson Wrensch—a former friend, now victim, of the con men, as they untangle the threads of this decade long crime spree filled with twists, turns and jaw-dropping revelations. With a cast of characters drawn from San Francisco’s Castro District, follow “The Dark Prince and the Boiz” as they take you from one con to the next—until a single brazen act leads to the murder of a wealthy Palm Springs retiree. Then fasten your seatbelt for the dramatic courtroom trials that no one predicted, and the shocking ending that no one expected–not even the Judge.

Lueder and her Literary Team, sisters Kim Hansen and Dawn Taarud-Martinez, plan to continue digging into sensational cases, pulling all the evidence together, doing their best to answer all the questions, while keeping an open mind.

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“Until Someone Gets Hurt” Book Release: Spring 2013 (paperback and eBook)
Adaptation of book to screenplay by Ryan Herrera

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